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Why Use MiBRAND This Black Friday In South Africa?

Every year South Africa experiences notable growth of its Black Friday weekends with 2021 expected to be our biggest ever! At the end of this year, it is expected that South Africa's online retail sales will total R42bn according to a study that was conducted by World Wide Worx with the support of Mastercard, Standard Bank, and Platinum Seed. Mastercard also released the findings of a study where a survey was conducted with 1000 people from South Africa, which found that 68% of the individuals were doing more online shopping since we saw at the start of the Covid19 pandemic.

At we know how it can be a tricky task surfing through hundreds of websites every day leading up to Black Friday to find deals in South Africa, before we launched our automated MiBRAND engine in December with version 4, all of our content was manually sought and uploaded to the platform. Our office had a content curation team of more than 5 people that spent their days hunting down these deals and it was no easy task.

This year does the hard work for you! Our platform aggregates deals from over 250 South African online stores, categorizes them, then puts them into an interactive feed that makes it easy for you to browse and search through. On we save you hours of work digging for new websites & deals in South Africa which may be difficult to find on Google, here are 10 reasons to use this Black Friday in South Africa!

1) Deals From Over 250 Online Stores.

We know it can be difficult having to check more than 10 stores for deals in South Africa. We bring deals from all over the country & internet into one place. Find deals from both brands you love and new stores that may have been otherwise difficult to find on search engines. Read more about our vetting process in our blog post: 10 Tips To Stay Safe While Shopping Online In South Africa.

2) Online Stores You Can Trust In South Africa.

Worried about a scam website? We hear of horror stories every day online and on TV of South Africans being scammed, we take great care to carefully inspect each and every website listed on so you don’t have to. We feature stores that you can rely on that all feature proven track records.

3) Easy Browsing With One User Experience & Interface.

There is no “right” way to build a website with multiple brands incorporating their own brand ethos and creativity into their online stores. For consumers, this can be tricky as all sites structure their navigation menus and site sections differently. Some sites do not feature a stand-alone page for promotions and deals they are just found in their respective categories on the online store which can be difficult to find.

Instead of having to become familiar with each site’s user interface with you are able to browse deals from hundreds of websites while only having to learn how to use one set of tools, when you find the product you want to buy we send you directly to the page with the “View Source” button. No changes are made to the piece of the content when we list it, it is exactly as the respective online store features it.

4) Easily Save Deals To Come To Later.

Sometimes when you find deals on the go or need time to compare with other stores you need a way to bookmark without creating clutter in your browser's Favourites. On you can save deals to come back to later without a sign-up or download.

5) Free-To-Use, With No Downloads, Or Signups. is free-to-use for both consumer and business on all web browsers on a mobile, tablet, and desktop (we don’t charge stores for listings) and we do not require any downloads or sign-ups/registrations to use. We wanted to make our tool as easy as possible to both access and use for all South Africans.

6) 15 Categories & Hundreds Of Subs To Browse.

One of the difficult parts of building a tool like is uniforming all products to make it easy to browse & search. This is because each website categorizes its products differently. For example, some use category titles like Smartphones while others use Mobile Phones. This can make it difficult to both browse and find on Google when looking for new stores and deals. Our system categorizes all deals uniformly to make it easier to browse from different stores in one place and category page.

7) No Google Ad Banners Or Paid Advertising.

On we do not have any advertising banners in your browsing experience and we currently do not feature any paid ads. This means no store on the platform is given any preference and we fairly show deals from all websites we feature. When you search you will see exactly everything that we have managed to find in a fair manner.

8) The Black Friday Feed.

This Black Friday our Feed will only be featuring deals that have savings from 30% off and up. Other deals will still be found in categories and search as normal, we want to try to make the hottest deals from leading stores easily found by all South Africans this Black Friday.

9) Browse Deals By Brand.

We understand no matter how great a deal may be people are generally loyal to the brands they love that’s why on we’ve made it easy to navigate deals by brand. Use the Side Scroller Tags to find brands on any page on the site or in your search.

10) Find Deals On Your Social Media.

Want to see featured deals on your social media feeds this Black Friday? We feature deals every day from all the categories on on our social media accounts. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to browse deals on your feed every day from stores you can trust!

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