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TakeAlot Daily Deals Now On MiBRAND

This week in preparation for Black Friday we made the decision to start including the Daily Deals from on our platform. For the first time you will now see deals from on your Feed on and in our categories.

We are still currently experimenting with this and assessing whether or not it will be viable for us to continue featuring their deals due to technical difficulties and the scale of their platform. This afternoon we have had success in uploading their deals which are available till 12AM with the next day’s set released at 7:30 AM.

During early-stage development of MiBRAND Version 4, we made the decision to exclude TakeAlot from our platform for a few different reasons, the first being that all websites similar to ours rely on content from TakeAlot in order to exist with most of their categories being populated with content from their site. This creates a dull experience for users and was something we wanted to avoid, we wanted our ecosystem to feel more “alive” and felt if we needed their content in order to exist the concept of MiBRAND had no chance. So we built the site with 250 stores before making the decision this week to include them. What this means is we have categories full of deals that carry great value for our users and we do not rely on a single source of content in order for our platform to exist. We also have filled up hundreds of different categories that offer more variety of choices with online stores for our users.

Another reason was that we built MiBRAND with the little guy in mind, we understand how difficult and expensive it can be for small to medium-sized businesses to come up on Google with their products and wanted to create a platform where smaller online stores are able to connect with online shoppers without having to compete with content from all over the world or add any integrations into their website. creates a simple way for users to connect with multiple online stores in one place.

As mentioned featuring deals from on our platform is still in an experimental phase and may have issues. We are working hard on ensuring deals will be available seamlessly tomorrow and for the rest of the Black Friday period from TakeAlot.

Click here to browse deals from TakeAlot on

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