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How To Use MiBRAND Like A Pro!

There is more to than meets the eye! We built our tool to give users a platform to browse, search, save, and share deals from multiple South African online stores all-in-one-place while also providing a tool to discover new online stores in SA that may be otherwise difficult to find.

We aim to provide peace of mind when browsing deals as our team audits all stores before listing them on the site ensuring users are protected with legitimate and recognized online stores. essentially acts as both a new type of directory service as well as a deal-finding tool. Read more about our audit process in our article: 10 Tips To Stay Safe While Shopping Online In South Africa.

Here are 10 tips on using that you might not have known about!

1) Opening Store Pages.

Want to browse deals from a specific store? You can open “Store Pages” by clicking any store name on the site then use the X icon next to the store name to return to the Feed. Remember while in a Store Page you will only see deals from that particular store. See below.

Opening a store page.

2) The Category Menu.

When you open up the list of root categories using the Burger Menu “≡” instead of opening an entire root category use the “>” icon on the right of the category name to open a list of subcategories. Still, want to see more? Use SubTag Side-Scrolling when inside a root category. See below.

The category menu.

3) SubTag Side-Scrolling.

We feature tens of thousands of deals from hundreds of online stores in South Africa. To make this content easier for you to browse we categorize products using root categories, subcategories, and brands. Use SubTag Side-Scrolling to find more subcategories and brands when inside a category, store page, or search result. See below.

Side-scrolling tags.

4) View Source Button.

When you find a deal that you want to buy, click the deal, scroll to the bottom, and click the “View Source” button to get sent directly to the website that we found the deal on. There are no changes made to the content and it is exactly as it appears on the host online store. See below.

View Source button.

5) Clickable Tags & Titles.

All Titles & Category Tags on MiBRAND are clickable so you can easily access any category or store page. See below.

Clickable titles & tags.

6) Sort By Options.

Within any page, on we give you the ability to Sort By saving amount, price ascending, price descending, or Shuffle. They're tens of thousands of deals on use the Sort By to make it easier to sort through deals. See below.

Sort By options.

7) Shuffle Button.

Sometimes you don’t have anything you want to buy, you are just looking to pass some time and see what new products are out there, MiBRAND is both a tool to help you save some serious cash as well as a shoppertainment experience. We aim to provide you an entertaining browsing experience in South Africa. Use the shuffle button in any page to mix it up with a newly ordered feed. Find the Shuffle Button in the Sort By options. See below.

The Shuffle button.

8) Using The Search.

On we have tens of thousands of deals featured every day from over 200 of South Africa’s leading online stores, dealing with this much data can get tricky. To get the most out of your search use both Sort By & SubTag Side-Scrolling to refine results after making a search. See below.

Using the search.

9) Saving A Deal.

Sometimes when you find deals on the go or need time to compare with other stores you need a way to bookmark without creating clutter in your browser's Favourites. On you can save deals to come back to later without a sign-up or download. See below.

Saving deals.

10) Sharing Deals.

We wanted to make it as easy as possible to share deals with family and friends from To share a deal over WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, & more, click on a deal and scroll to the bottom of the product page, click the Share button and choose from your devices native share options. See below.

Sharing a deal.

A Note From Our Dev Team.

When categorizing products our MiBRAND content engine uses the category the host website has a product in to help us match it to the categories on our platform, this is how we created a uniformed browsing experience. Stores do not use universal category names, for example, some stores will have Shoes others Sneakers. Some use broad names like Clothing & Accessories while others are more specific and categories are broken down into seasons (winter jackets, summer shirts, etc).

What this means is sometimes it may be difficult for our engine to detect a category, and a product that may come up in the search might not make the category on MiBRAND or it may land up in the incorrect one. This error rate is relatively low. We are currently working on the new version of our engine which has assisted us in achieving higher accuracy scores when automatically classing products this new engine will be launched sometime next year. To get the most out of be sure to use both the Search & the SubTag Side-Scrolling when looking for something specific.

Ready to browse new online deals in South Africa? Click here to visit now!

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