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10 Reliable Online Furniture Stores In South Africa

South Africa has always been on its journey in growing its e-commerce space. Through 2019 to the present we saw a huge growth spike in the industry with many more consumers being introduced to buying their products online.

A category that has grown massively is furniture. There are many perks to buying your furniture in South Africa online such as being able to browse through multiple websites and seeing all the products as opposed to having to drive around and walk through warehouses to see product ranges.

The original Block & Chisel store, first opened in 1987.

On we search far and wide for reliable online furniture stores that are based in South Africa. We only list established websites after a vetting process to ensure that only stores with proven track records are featured thus saving you time when searching for new online stores to shop at in South Africa. Click here to browse the latest deals on furniture in South Africa.

In no particular order here are 10 reliable online stores that sell furniture and that are based in South Africa.

Discount Decor

Year Established: 2006 (Previously MegaBed & Couch).

Showroom: Gauteng.

Delivery: Gauteng.


Established in 2006 previously trading as MegaBed&Couch Discount Decor is an affordable discount furniture shop based in Gauteng. We decided to feature Discount Decor as some of our furniture here in our MiBRAND Offices were bought from this website. Discount Decor features a full range of furniture for home, office, & outdoor. Products were all as pictured on the online store and delivery was fast and effective. This is a great option unfortunately only available to online shoppers in Gauteng.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Discount Decor South Africa.


Year Established: 2012 (Estimated).

Showrooms: Western Cape, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, & Eastern Cape.

Delivery: Nationwide.


A popular store with 13 showrooms across South Africa Decofurn SA was developed with 32 years experience in the furniture industry. Products are sourced from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, & India. Decofurn features nationwide delivery. Our desks at MiBRAND were also purchased from this store.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Decofurn South Africa.


Year Established: 1964.

Showrooms: Western Cape, Durban, Gauteng, Knysna, Namibia, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, & Pretoria.

Delivery: Nationwide.


Weylandts was started in 1964 as a traditional furniture store in Windhoek, Namibia and has grown into South Africa’s leading furniture and homeware retailer with 12 stores nationwide. Weylandts both manufactures furniture and imports products from all over the world. They feature a wide range of premium products available nationwide.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Weylandts South Africa.

Spitfire Furniture

Year Established: 2013.

Showrooms: Western Cape, & Gauteng.

Delivery: Nationwide.


Spitfire Furniture is a luxury furniture and décor brand, offering bespoke designer furniture, lighting, and décor. Each piece is made by hand using soft Brazilian leather, together with classy, yet durable, aluminum. Products by this store are aviation inspired, featuring high-end finishes, mostly imported. Spitfire products are popular talking-point items as seen on social media and sites like OneDayOnly. The store delivers nationwide with showrooms in both Gauteng & Western Cape.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Spitfire Furniture South Africa.


Year Established: 2001.

Showrooms: Nationwide.

Delivery: Nationwide.


@Home is a popular household brand in South Africa owned by The Foschini Group. The store offers a wide range of home furniture, decor, and kitchen appliances. The store features a premium yet affordable set of products available in-store and for nationwide delivery.

Click here to view deals on furniture from @Home South Africa.


Year Established: 2019.

Showrooms: Gauteng & Limpopo.

Delivery: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West.


Furnituremart is an affordable furniture store available since 2019 featuring multiple store locations. Their products are both imported and manufactured locally. The store manages its own transport and the online store is exclusively available in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, the North West, & Limpopo.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Furnituremart South Africa.


Year Established: 1991.

Showrooms: Nationwide.

Delivery: Nationwide.


Coricraft, was established 20 years ago by Gerald and Corinne Yosh, then bought in 2005 by a private equity firm, Westbrooke. Coricraft sells sofas that are made locally and also imports wooden furniture, such as coffee and dining tables, from India, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. They are available for delivery nationwide.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Coricraft South Africa.

Block & Chisel

Year Established: 1987.

Showrooms: Gauteng & Western Cape.

Delivery: Gauteng & Western Cape.


Block & Chisel opened its first store in Chelsea Village, Cape Town in 1987 and has since grown to 7 stores in both Cape Town & Johannesburg. Their Master Cabinet Maker Sibley McAdam has been striving to preserve the traditional quality and craftsmanship of cabinet making since 1987. Their products feature a signature style available for delivery in Gauteng & the Western Cape.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Block & Chisel South Africa.


Year Established: 2000.

Showrooms: Gauteng.

Delivery: Nationwide.


Sotran Dekorativ really started around 1986, evolving from a small Johannesburg Market Theatre Stall, 3m x 3m in size. The store features decor & furniture sourced in Bali, India, China and South-East Asia with tropical & classical themed products hand-made from solid timber, wrought iron, carved stone, leather, and repurposed architecture.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Sotran South Africa.


Year Established: 1994.

Showrooms: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North-West Province, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Polokwane.

Delivery: Nationwide.


First launched in 1994, Rochester Furniture is a popular brand featuring over 30 stores throughout Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North-West Province, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Polokwane regions. Most of Rochester’s products are manufactured locally and the store offers nationwide delivery.

Click here to view deals on furniture from Rochester South Africa.

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