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MiBRAND is a content aggregation service designed & developed in South Africa by Kysal Technologies. MiBRAND is designed to aggregate deals from reputable South African stores and brands. First launched in 2016 & now available nationwide across South Africa on both desktop & mobile browsers.  

Frequently asked questions

What Is MiBRAND?

MiBRAND is a content aggregation system that is designed to collect and centralise specials from South African online retailers across the internet. Our system is designed to automatically identify the special, run it through a vetting process to ensure the quality of the content, then uploaded onto our platform. The special is featured in the MiBRAND feed for as long as it is live on the website.

How does MiBRAND work?

MiBRAND sources and centralises specials from South African online retailers and features them in a feed to be viewable by you.

Where do specials on MiBRAND come from?

All specials are sourced from selected South African online retailers through our MiBRAND engine powered by AI.

How do I get my store on MiBRAND?

If you would like to see your store or product featured on MiBRAND please contact our support team at support@kysal.co.za to enquire on the eligibility of your store or product.

How do I buy the specials featured on the website?

Specials are available as per the store that is featuring them. Please use the “View Source” button to get to a purchase page.

How did my store/special get onto MiBRAND?

Our system is automated and has identified your store as a reputable online retailer in South Africa.

How do I remove my store or products off MiBRAND?

Please contact us on support@kysal.co.za to request removal of your store and products off of our platform.

Who built MiBRAND?

MiBRAND was originally designed and developed by duo Kyriakos Ioulianou & Salvatore Barras. The project was first started in early 2016 and has been ever evolving since its launch. Currently the software is owned and operated by Kysal Technologies.