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South Africa's easiest way to find deals online. is a free-to-use website designed and developed in Johannesburg South Africa by Kysal Technologies, the website aggregates deals from over 250 South African online stores, categorizes them, then makes them available to users to browse or search. makes it easier to browse & search these deals as it is all in one place, you do not need to check each individual website to browse their latest deals.


MiBRAND is 100% free-to-use for both business or user and is currently available nationwide in South Africa on all mobile, tablet, or desktop browsers. MiBRAND was originally launched in 2016 as a mobile app that was exclusively available in Bedfordview Johannesburg. The app then became available regionally in Gauteng in 2019 then as of December 2020 available nationwide in South Africa.

Designed For Online Shoppers

Free-to-use nationwide in South Africa on all devices.



Browse 35k+ deals from +250 South African online stores.

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Search for deals in 15 categories and hundreds of subcategories.

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Save deals from your favourite stores to come back to later.

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Easily share the latest deals with family and friends.

Why We Built MiBRAND?

Our mission is to become the central destination to source e-commerce products in South Africa for consumers, we have a vision of a platform where all online stores and products in South Africa are categorised and are easily discoverable on one centralised platform with little-to-no integration effort required. Where users have a place to browse hundreds if not thousands of online retailers in one place creating an interactive e-commerce eco-system offering value to by connecting business and consumer. We aim to create a platform that revolutionises the way we discover new products and browse online stores.


Deals From Leading Stores

Featuring deals from +250 South African stores.

Browse +40 000 Deals Daily

From over 250 trusted South African online stores.


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